Evergreen Petroleum, LLC



*  Environmentally Sensitive           *  New Technology

*  We will produce your well          *   No cost to the land owner

                           *  Targeting Deep Wells.

EP is currently leasing wells for re-entry, and also a few abandoned fields in Louisiana but maintains high hopes for Kentucky deep production!

About Us

Evergreen Petroleum is securing patents to bring cutting edge efficient, environmentally conscious, cost effective production methods to wells previously uneconomical or technically impossible.

Evergreen Petroleum is so proud to contribute to the world oil production by bringing production and reserves back onto the books for our country and world.

We must work together to ensure a brighter, affordable tomorrow.  At this time we are not divulging all the technologies until we can show them as an example.  When we can please check back or contact us.  Whether you have had wells on the property or not we will evaluate them.

The world needs oil, not scapegoats.

New Patent Pending for Surface Facility.
We can use hydrate energy or liquid field gas or just compressed gas to unload and produce the well.  We capture and utilize the gas to be as green as we can.  Using tiny capilliary volumes of liquified field gas pumped in at sufficient pressure to assist production, it is nothing like the large volumes of Liquified Nitrogen pumped in the tubing to deliver an acid job into the reservoir.   This is strictly production and does not affect the reservoir.  It is totally safe and more efficient than any previous production system. 

We are using the warmer end of the phase change diagram, and only in small amounts to assist with flowing the well by injecting gas into the tubing at a very deep vertical or horizontal depth.  This is the technology that drives our subsurface mandrel designs.  They are two separate systems and are patents pending.  There is a combination of liquid unloading and lower pressure traditional gas lift injection to produce the well.  Liquid phase change power in an intermittent or continuous operation.