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We specialize in wells that are losing their energy, and need secondary recovery to enhance production.  Have wells and/or equipment on your land been abandoned or shut in?

This system will produce oil, brine, water, sand, salt, metals and anything else with very little wear.  The system is very low maintenance and self sustaining.  The lift system on the surface is very effective.   Evergreen has been testing open wells with low pressure systems, however high pressure systems are definitely the permanent solution.  This picture is a typical field on Natural Gas Lift Secondary Recovery.  Currently we are just testing downhole tools at very depths and conditions.   Natural Gas is captured from the field and produced oil, then compressed and used in the downhole tubing to produce more oil.   The pictures on this site are of various stages of testing.   We have managed 5 gas lift fields in the past, and our innovations are a simplified variation.
Evergreen Petroleum is very close to beginning a recompletion on a well in Louisiana to showcase the deep production gas lift system patent pending.   Also, the surface water and metals handling will be developed.  The gas lift was designed as a model to test blowouts.  The simulation became the masters thesis, as well as the proof of the underlying model which serves as the priority of invention.  That downhole patents were submitted under the old laws of first to invent and there is at least an argument that the invention date was around 1986 spring.  It was never disclosed and pulled out of mothballs with the BP Spill and 100$ oil.   There are other systems but there is only one by Evergreen Petroleum.  

Was there some equipment left on the lease that is not working?

We have enough projects.  Thanks so very much.

We are concentrating on deep wells.


Evergreen is teaming up to go after bigger production, in deeper wells over 10K' deep, with high pressure over 1000 psig shut in pressure.  We are using simple systems in low to no pressure shallow wells, but we are ahead of the technology curve with deep gas lift for single wells onshore or offshore.   We have tested our systems in Kentucky and have high hopes for going after deeper reserves there.  In the meantime, there are lots of deep pressure production in Louisiana as well.  The future looks bright! 
That is a little over 2000 psig shut in tubing pressure on a well that was shut in for over 30 years.  Several companies tried every kind of perforation and stimulation in a well that was squeezed dead.  Evergreen Petroleum was able to use patent pending and other proprietary techniques and systems to bring the well back into test production.  We hope to work with bigger companies in joint ventures as no well is too big or small, and no country, county or province is too far.  We offer turnkey solutions to production, shipping, and utilization of products.

In a world where oil is scarce Evergreen Petroleum, LLC is revisiting the forgotten and abandoned, and also the current wells losing reservoir pressure sufficient to produce.